What Winning Non-Profits Know

//What Winning Non-Profits Know

What Winning Non-Profits Know

Basketball fans see March as the pinnacle of the college basketball season, the Irish see it as a St. Patty’s Day placeholder and non-profit organizations in Florida know it as high season for fundraising – with galas and luncheons galore!

Don’t let the high minded spirit of non-profits fool you; this is an intensely competitive industry. After all, there are only so many Saturday evenings “in season” and your event better be as worthy of attending as your cause is worth supporting.

Save the date does more than put potential attendees on notice, it doubles as a call-to-action for on the fence sponsors with competing organizations vying for a finite number of marketing budget dollars.

Not only should a save the date mailer be well worth saving, it should set a tone that’s consistent with, and one-upped by, the invitation. Needless to say, the program guide should also POP! Sometimes the program looks like the organization ran out of gas by the time program design came along; treating it as a “non-priority.”

What do you do to make sure that your gala or luncheon marketing piece has more POP than fizz? Hire a professional designer – and keep her engaged in every part of planning process.

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