Better Than A Handwritten Note?

I happen to count myself among those who believe that a handwritten note goes a long way…today more than ever! There are many reasons, but most importantly, a handwritten note conveys a sense of importance. It’s easy to send an email or text to acknowledge the individual who has extended his- or herself for a [...]

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Meet The Palm Beach Ladies

The Palm Beach Ladies first came to life years ago, when I illustrated a shower invitation for a friend – and my imagination ran away with the classy ladies who live the good life! They’re nothing like The Housewives of Orange County, New York, Atlanta or New Jersey. They’re simply the ladies who play, lunch, [...]

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How To Boost Your Private Membership Through Branding

A couple questions for anyone working in a membership-oriented business: Have you ever experienced a decrease in membership and not know why? Have you ever wondered about an effective strategy to increase membership? The answer to both questions is branding.  If your messaging – what you say and how you say it – is inconsistent or insufficient in communicating membership [...]

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Bid Trade Show Coming Up! How Do You Feel?

Participating in a trade show is a big deal. It’s like training for a race, a tournament or any big event. Then, suddenly, it’s here…it’s go time! A trade show is well worth the money that you’ll pony up for travel, labor, brochures, promos and signage ̶ provided that you have an impressive presence. Walk [...]

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